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Teeth whitening

Want a whiter smile? There are several good methods for whitening teeth. Everyone has a different basic colour for their teeth, which varies from person to person. Depending on your original colour, it may be more or less easy to whiten your teeth. Yellow shades are easier to whiten than grey/blue.

Before whitening, your teeth should be examined by a dentist or dental hygienist to ensure that you have no untreated cavities, tooth fractures, leaky fillings, tartar or other damage. These are important to treat before teeth whitening to ensure that the treatment can be done safely and securely.

We at Astondental offer clinic bleaching and home bleaching. The results of teeth whitening can be very long lasting with good oral hygiene and avoiding smoking and food that can discolor teeth.

Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve the desired result with teeth whitening then it is recommended to do shell veneers.

Teeth whitening in the clinic according to Brilliant Smile

Teeth whitening makes your teeth whiter and fresher than before teeth whiteningsometimes as much as 10 shades whiter. The treatment starts with determining the colour of your teeth on a colour scale. We then protect your gums, lips and tongue, apply whitening gel to your teeth and shine a UV lamp on them. For more info, watch the video about whitening here

Bleaching with laser gives the best results

We offer laser bleaching with Biolase that gives very good results. The method is much gentler, does not cause any itching and the time in the chair is significantly shorter compared to the other methods.

Embossing with plastic rails

At your first visit, we will check that you have no cavities and that everything looks good in your mouth. We then take impressions to make splints that are perfectly adapted to your jaws. At the second visit, we try the splints on. You will be given materials and instructions and can start whitening at home. It takes 7-10 days to achieve the desired result.

There may be side effects in the form of itching and increased sensitivity for a period after bleaching. In these cases, the symptoms will gradually disappear after the treatment is completed.

Teeth whitening in the clinic with perfect results/ before after/Astondental