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Acute dental care Stockholm

Acute dental care Stockholm

Acute dental care

Acute dental care Stockholm . If you have a toothache or any other acute problem with your teeth, you are welcome to visit us at Astondental. We will help you if you have lost a filling, need a root canal, a loose bridge, periodontitis or other acute dental problems.

In our office you will find dentists with many years of experience who are at your service with a variety of services. Whether you have a toothache or any other acute dental problem, you will receive safe treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

If you have a cracked filling, a bridge that has loosened or if you have problems with your dental implants, we have experts who can be at your service and remedy your problems in a very short time.

After your consultation with us, you will always receive a written cost proposal to consider.

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Astondental has phone hours all day long to make it easy for you to reach us. You can make an appointment for acutedental care on our website. Otherwise, you can call and we will help you for an emergency appointment. A receptionist is ready to take your call and help you to an appointment where you will quickly get the emergency dental care you need. Examples of treatments we can help you with: problems with your bridges and dentures, problems with dental implants, toothache, root canals, tooth loss, bite splints and bite physiology, problems with wisdom teeth and everything in emergency dental care in Stockholm.

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