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About Shahla Hassanzadeh:

Shahla Hassazadeh is a licensed dentist trained at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. She graduated in 1993 and after a year at Folktandvården started her private dental practice on Kungsgatan in 1994 and later moved to bright fresh clinic on Oxtorgsgatan 4 in Stockholm. Since then Shahla has continued her education inaesthetic dentistryandimplants. She has done further training in Sweden and abroad, including in the USA, Belgium and Spain. Shahla continuously attends courses and trainings to learn the latest in dentistry. Dr.Shahla Hassanzadehis a member ofSwedish Dental Association,SACDandTandvårdsskadeförbundetas well asAmalgam Iskadefonden.

Extremely fearful of dentist, I was given sedation (a type of sedative) which turned my dental fear into my best dental experience. When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and saw the beautiful new teeth I had while snoring happily. Can highly recommend Dr. Shahla Hassanzadeh at Astondental.

Kent Andersson

I appreciate the quality of the work and the speed. The time between the first visit and, as in my case, the new facades being in place, is short. Friendly service too. Can highly recommend Dentist Shahla Hassanzadeh at Astondental.

Christer J

I have been a satisfied patient at Astondental since the practice started in 1995. Over the years, a lot has happened in my mouth. Everything has been skilfully rectified. All the newest technology makes visits easier and fewer. My husband and a son are also satisfied patients at Astondental. Can highly recommend Dentist Shahla Hassanzadeh at Astondental.

Åsa M

Read the article published in the Norwegian newspaper Allers. A journalist has interviewed Bente Martini who had shell veneers and replaced her amalgam fillings in 2007. Bente Martini came from Oslo to Stockholm to receive dental treatment at Astondental. She is one of our satisfied Norwegian patients. Click here to go to the article.

Lars Lundgren

In November 2017, I visited Astondental for a consultation to have implants placed in my upper jaw because I had a denture that didn't fit well and was uncomfortable. I showed a photo from the James Bond film "Licence to wedge" to Shahla as I played the stuntman in that film and asked her if it was possible and make my new teeth as they looked in 1989. Shahla did an analysis on my x-rays and later she asked the dental technician to also come into the room and they did an analysis together to decide how the teeth should look.
Now I have got my implant teeth which are in all ceramic material and I am very happy with the result and am so glad that I went for the free consultation and decided to do the treatment at Astondental.

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