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Porcelain Fillings & Crowns

When a tooth has a loss of substance, it can be replaced with a porcelain filling or a porcelain crown There are different types of porcelain crowns, they can be made up of a metal core with fired porcelain, also called a metal-ceramic crown. Or all-ceramic crowns which means that the whole crown is built up and milled in one piece, these crowns are called Zirconium crowns.

Sometimes teeth that are discoloured can be covered with so-called porcelain veneers or crowns.

In our clinic we only use all-ceramic crowns or bridges. This means that the construction is completely metal-free, which reduces the risk of possible allergic reactions.

Cerec 3 metal-free dentistry

With our Cerec 3 using the CAD-CAM method, you can in most cases have porcelain fillings and crowns done in one visit. This means that you avoid temporary fillings and crowns and avoid long treatment times.

Porcelain crown according to CAD-CAM technique- Astondental