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Laser and PRF

Laser dentistry for dental fear and treatment of periodontal disease

We treat periodontal diseases with laser which gives very good results in a very short time.

We use PRF for faster healing after tooth extraction, dental implants and bone reconstruction. PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin is produced by centrifuging your own blood taken at the clinic. PRF makes healing much faster after tooth extractions and bone rebuilding for implants or treatment of periodontal disease.

Surgeries performed using our Biolase Epic and Waterlase laser from the USA provide much less discomfort. No bleeding , fast and complete healing.

Laser treatment provides comfort and less discomfort if you are dental fearful.

We also use lasers for aesthetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, which can whiten teeth up to 10 shades whiter.

If you have short teeth or an uneven gum, we can make them longer and make them stand in a nice and even row.

When fixing a tooth with a regular burr, there can be a risk of damaging the tooth next to it and this risk is almost completely eliminated when using a laser, no noise and no discomfort.

Tooth extraction is much smoother and the bone is saved significantly better compared to the traditional method of placing implants later.

More info on lasers:

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The benefits of laser dentistry are many:

The 1-method is 95% painless without needles and drills.

2-Faster healing and less discomfort.

3-Shorter treatment time.

4-Saving the healty enamel 

5-Only remove the decay, keeping your tooth healthy.

6-Has a bactericidal effect and is particularly effective in case of tooth loss and root canal treatment.

7-Removes uncomfortable sensitivity of the teeth.

8-Reducing antibiotic prescribing.

9-In tooth extractions and other operations, no bleeding.