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How it works:

First, the dentist removes the defective filling. Next, the prepared teeth are dusted with a thin layer of reflective powder. Using a special camera, the dentist takes an optical impression of the teeth. There is no need to take a messy impression and send it to the lab. The dentist uses this razor-sharp optical impression to design your crown in place.

Computer-aided design technology helps the dentist design the CAD-CAM crown from the optical impression. The design is made while sitting in the dental chair on a color screen. Patients can watch the dentist design the new crown right before their eyes!

Advantages of CAD-CAM technology:

  • The filling or crown is made in a single visit, usually in less than an hour.
  • No need for the dentist to take an impression and send it to a lab.
  • No return visits for the patient.
  • The filling or crown has natural appearance, because it is made of tooth-colored ceramic materials
  • Ceramic materials are biocompatible, high quality, durable and plaque-resistant.
  • Metal-free - no silver fillings.
  • Many sources of error are eliminated, such as impression taking, plaster models and casting, so CAD-CAM crowns or inlays almost always fit.
  • Allows dentists to save more of the healthy tooth. (In most cases, the alternative would be a full crown.)
  • Very good and aesthetic result

Dentist Shahla Hassanzadeh is trained in CEREC and offers this at her clinic on Oxtorgsgatan in Stockholm. We are proud to use this technique for our patients.

You can watch our video about CAD-CAM crown here

CAD-CAM crown- Astondental