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Tooth Whitening

Have you always wanted that “Hollywood Smile”?

Veneers are the best solution for getting whiter teeth and there is even a possibility to change the form of your teeth. If you choose to put veneers on all of your front teeth you can personally have input regarding the colour. For the best result bleaching first is recommended.

We take a three-dimensional picture of your tooth with a Cerec 3 machine that is a computerised milling machine and according to this photo we make a design for the tooth and the milling machine produces a veneer that later is glued on.

Bleaching makes your teeth whiter, sometimes up to 10 shades. We can guarantee a whiter shade, even if 10 shades is not always possible. Bleaching helps to get out even the deepest discolouring from the enamel.

You can do the bleaching at home or at our office.

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As soon as we have controlled the status of your teeth and gum, (ex: caries.) we make an impression and produce the individual trays for the bleaching at home. During your next visit we check that the trays fit and see to that you get the material and instruction and you can start the bleaching for 7-10 days. Sometimes your teeth can become more sensitive for a short time after the bleaching but this disappear after a while.

Bleaching according to “Brilliant Smile” at our office. As soon as we have controlled the status of your teeth and gum, we do the bleaching using an ultraviolet lamp that gives the best result and this takes one and a half hour. This treatment does not bring about any discomfort and is very effective

Airflow is the simplest method for getting rid of the discolouring on the surface of your teeth. But remember that it cannot get out the discolouring in the depth of the enamel. To ensure the result of the bleaching we recommend the Airflow treatment twice a year. Airflow blast salt with high water pressure on your teeth.

To obtain a long lasting the result of the bleaching treatment it is important to clean your teeth thoroughly and avoid food and drink that stains your teeth i.e. coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.