Astondental-Dentist in Stockholm

Do you need to go to the dentist in Stockholm? Welcome to our modern clinic in the middle of downtown Stockholm!

We have more than 20 years experience and offer dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, full mouth reconstructionortodonti , porcelain veneers.

Why us?

1- No need to refer patients to outside specialist.

2-Highly skilled dental profesionals provide the best possible treatment.

3- Patients benefit from our in house dental laboratory.

4- We offer metal free dentistry.

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Have you lost one or several teeth?

Do you wear uncomfortable dentures?

In case of loss of one or several teeth or even completely toothless jaws, we can replace these teeth with implants. We use the Straumann implants. According to Straumann you need only get operated on once and then wait only between 2-6 weeks for the new teeth.

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Amalgam removal

Do you still have amalgam fillings in your mouth? It has been debated for a long time about the negative effects of amalgam. For that reason many have decided to change these fillings to other materials. Some do it just for esthetic reasons and get white fillings instead of amalgam. We recommend you choose porcelain; it has a better prognosis and no side effects. we can also change the amalgam to plastic, which is more economical.

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Aesthetic dentistry

Have you always wanted that “Hollywood Smile”? Veneers are the best solution for getting whiter teeth and there is even a possibility to change the form of your teeth. If you choose to put veneers on all of your front teeth you can personally have input regarding the colour. For the best result bleaching is recommended in advance.

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